Friday, October 2, 2009

First show tonight, 7-8PM

Thursday, I show up for my second training session, and the first thing Joe tells me (after needling my hipster threads) that he's throwing me to the wolves. Naturally, everything that could go wrong, did.

At the board, I didn't know how to switch to the correct source, and after introducing the song listeners were treated to the glorious sound of dead air. It was a great time for all involved.

That being said, after another few hours of training, I'm ready to handle the board and will be hosting my show solo tonight. Tune in in the Tivoli to 91.7, or hit up and listen to the live stream.

Tonight's show will feature a live artist profile, followed by a local showcase of up and coming Prominence. To finish off, we'll enjoy some new releases by artists across the States.