Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Production Update Eight: New Kickstarter Video!

This isn't the complete play-through people have been asking for, but a new promotional video. And, it has an error, since I'd made changes to the tiers between filming... I state that the Solar War tier comes with three boards, but it actually comes with two. I actually brought the price of that tier down by $20, as well, so I'm just going with it. Hopefully we can fix it soon, for now, enjoy some real video!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Production Update Seven: the media

~~~~~I was a little grumpy when I wrote this, and have redacted some bits. Sorry.~~~~~~~~~~~~

Delta V is a unique game- not just because it's in 3D. The three dimensional part has been done plenty of times before. There's the Star Trek chess, Space Checkers, and Raumschach, just for starters. There are two things that make Delta V really special;

(1) It's a free culture work- anyone can start producing and selling Delta V sets today
(2) Its learning curve is pretty steep- close to that of chess- and it's a good thing

I want Delta V to be played and kept by families as a living room standard. If it takes 100 years, no real surprises there. Who knows how long it took chess to reach its current status? So I've pulled no punches. Legally, Delta V has an intellectual property status very much like that of chess. It's a part of free culture now. Also, I've made sure to keep to the roots of chess and checkers, while introducing plenty of new dynamics to the "competing armies" archetype. There's a weird rule or two- just like en passant or castling- but with some thought, their existence really fills out the game.

~~~~~Redacted. I was still a little grumpy. Sorry.~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Production Update Six: thank you for all the early support!

Here's a huge shout of thank you to all my early supporters! We're already almost halfway to the funding goal! In response, I've removed certain reward tiers, and added a new one. New tier: The meaning of life edition- includes the ingredients of the Star Warrior, plus a printed globe marble and planet defender scenario card. $42! For everyone who noticed the kickstarter's duration. :] I'm working on bonuses for stretch goals, as I'm hoping we can bust the top off this kickstarter. More updates on that soon.

I spent today with the wonderful folks at Modular Robotics (modrobotics.com) in Boulder. They loaned me a laser cutter and an engineer for most of the day, which was super helpful. So I'll be sending pictures of new protoypes soon! I have an etched design which I think will greatly lessen the learning curve.

Watch this space! Tell your friends, help make Delta V better for everyone!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Production Update Three

The laser cut parts turn out to have a bit of wobble when assembled. It doesn't affect gameplay much, but it's a bit disorienting. I'm send a prototype to an evaluator, and am considering solutions.

RE-revision; three potential solutions have presented themselves
(1) Use of ABS throughout the whole board will allow use of hook-tabs to more strongly connect everything, with the loss of the cool transparent panels
(2) Use of a wood will allow hand-sanded joints
(3) Small bushings on the legs

Production Update Two

EDIT: This post is full of lies! I've modified the board design allowing for 25mm marbles with the main board design. But, I am planning something. :]

First official stretch goal: $5000 pledged, and three things happen; 
(1) a new tier is opened for a larger sized board, including 25mm marbles, ~$50. 
(2) All boards get a stenciled, signed and numbered ΔV bag 
(3) all small boards get a box.

Note that anyone who pledges $50 or more on another tier may switch their reward after the stretch goal is reached. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Production Update One

Production Update One

  1. ΔV board: approved!
  2. ΔV: SourceBook: collecting material
  3. ΔV rules reference card: editing rules wording
  4. ΔV fleets: ready to order
  5. Cloth bags: ready to order

DeltaV Kickstarter Preview and Production Update Zero

On October 20, the Kickstarter for the three dimensional board game ΔV will be open for pledges, and will remain open for 42 days. I created ΔV with a friend of mine, Bryan Curtis. Our goals were originally development of a mobile game, but I was so happy with it as a board game, I decided it must be produced. ΔV is the game of spatial combat. Play occurs in the three dimensional version of a checkerboard. Until October 20, feel free to preview it and leave feedback