Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Potentially Imprudent Notice

Today, I wrote a note on one of the NC3405 whiteboards;
Hello! Welcome to the Physics Lounge, A.K.A., the Euphoric Chaos Room. My name is Tabor and I'm sometimes at the desk to the right of the fridge. I'm a physics student, and I'm paid to assist you and your professors. I'm lucky to have this job. I have 12 hours every week to build, program, clean, write and repair whatever. So I need as much input as possible to be useful. If you have any suggestions, comments, or requests, please tell me. My email is tabor (dot) henderson (at) (geemail) (dot) com. Let me know! -T
This may have been imprudent, in that I've pasted personal information on a wall, specifically asking for work. But I like work! Good work, at least. So, I'll see what this brings me, and record the best of it here.