Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Friendship is a worthwhile thing; it is the nurturing we can offer other people, without being expected to give anything more.

Friendship is a parallel-processing event; the mutual acknowledgement of some thing, and its subsequent development.

Friendship is a resource-distribution  mechanism; sometimes our friends are the only ones who can see and provide what we need.

Friendship is an eternal hunting party; forever creeping up the next hill, looking for the game that will secure the tribe through winter.

But, we can only have so many friends.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Space Checkers pt II: Singularity Chess

     To us, winning is not victory in the game, but finding the most novel way to end it. Both of us have highly developed but effectively suppressed competitive instincts.The game becomes a memetic Rochambeau; in my second turn I capture his bishop with my own from across the board, but he responds by taking my bishop with a knight that that had been his first move.
     Quickly, the board to my left gets pretty empty.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Robots and Swords

Calculus is one of those things. It just is. And, everyone has to learn it their own way. While I was in calculus II, a friend told me to start thinking of those operations like robots; I just had to learn how to tell the robots to do their work. And, that worked! I learned the basics and got through II & III.

But now, I'm in ordinary differential equations. This is like having a magic sword that ALWAYS cuts SOMETHING, then finding myself in a pitch black room with another fellow wielding a similar sword. Good luck not losing an arm.