Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ghost B.C. Infestissumam Album and Concert Review

The house lights dropped, and Gregorian chants lulled the crowd- for a moment. Somber latinate tones accompanied the appearance of five hooded and robed figures, which filed to their instruments. Then, chanting explodes into soaring riffs with thumping, head-bangable bass. The five “Nameless Ghosts” (as they are known online) rocked out Infestissumam, the eponymous introductory song of Ghost B.C.’s second album. Their second number required the frontman, Papa Emeritus II, to grace the audience with his presence, and he was given a screaming welcome. Wearing skull face paint and a profoundly blasphemous mitre, Papa led Ghost B.C. and their congregation through highlights of both their albums. Their paced slowed once to bid Denver good evening, and only once more to give the audience an opportunity to scream adoration. Their show at the Ogden on April 18th demonstrated the supreme talent and showmanship of these anonymous musicians.