Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We're off!

Metro State's classes got of to a cold start this morning, amid doubt about next year's funding. In the midst of the Haitian crisis, Colorado's budget has been pushed into a diminished role. And yet, as cash flows out of state and federal coffers, like many other states, Colorado faces a budget deficit for the 2009 fiscal year (Sunshine Review). State funding for higher education totaled $706 million last year. That was with the help of $337 million in federal stimulus cash. If the bill passes, next year that total will drop to $650 million, with $95 million in federal stimulus cash (Denver Post). These heady numbers are easy to throw around. It's even easier to lose sight of how they could affect all of us as students. Yearly tuition increases are routine, and have become just another part of the cost of college. The loss of state funding can only accelerate this pattern, especially for students of a public school like Metro. So, now, we're starting the Spring 2010 semester, wondering if the money we spend will be worth it on graduation.