Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Production Update Twenty-One: Getting it done

This is how excited I get over 80lbs of marbles 
 tl-dr edition:
-finals over! :D
-waiting for funds remainder
-etsy shop open
-DIY files available
-first production run done
-first backer reward shipped
-rulebook and shipping

Hooray! Finals are over! As expected, I actually enjoyed one of them, struggled a little but got through the second, and really hated the third. The first two were math, that third was not-math. Actually, that was done last Saturday, but I've still been immensely busy since then anyway. Friends of mine run a shipping store where I used to work, and they had an employee abruptly quit before their busy holiday season; so I've stepped in for just a week or two. As a bonus, this also gives me access to all the shipping services every day! Also, Amazon's still holding half of the funds, so the extra cash is helpful.

Apparently, I wasn't supposed to get access to my funds as early as I did, so now my "disbursable balance" is negative due to a withdraw that somehow went through. But, it's already been almost two weeks since the Kickstarter ended and payments started, so the rest of the funds should be available to me in the next couple days. Thankfully, this doesn't affect much for anyone. I'm still cleaning up the rulebook for printing, and I have enough to get quite a bit of materials anyway. I've actually already finished a first run of boards, and have started assembling "Gamers" and "Pragmatists." Guilty sekrit; I did the production run instead of studying. I had a textbook out at the time, but lasers are too much fun. Even when it was an hour-long cut, I didn't get much studying done while I waited. :P

Now, it's time to move forward! I've got the etsy shop open for pre-orders of additional sets, and the DIY files are now available to everyone. Neither are quite as well-organized as I'd like, but they'll be continuing efforts on my part, so expect to see improvements as time goes on.

Finally, I'm happy to note that I got the very first backer reward shipped on Friday. That backer specifically requested their reward without the rulebook to get it there by Christmas. I'd like to invite anyone to do the same, but I only have boards ready for "Gamers" and "Pragmatists." So, if you're in one of those tiers and you want your board before Christmas, let me know ASAP, and I'll have it on its way. I'll print out the quickstart guide and standard rules, and the rulebook draft pdf's are available. Here's the current one.

Thanks again everyone for your support!