Saturday, April 10, 2010

Barry Gutierrez liveblog, pt 1: Doing what I should've done last night

I'm in a coffee shop, clearing my memory cards in preparation for a seminar with Pulitzer-prize winner Barry Gutierrez. A latte and a fresh cinnamon roll from the next-door bakery are my breakfast. I can only pray that the sugar blast only wakes me up. I'd rather not be a shaking, chattering, caffeinated ball of nerves today.

I'm not actually registered for the event, but hopefully a reference to Kenn Bisio, my photojournalism professor, will smooth that over. I don't know that Bisio and Gutierrez ever worked together in the field, but they work together in the photojournalism department at MSCD (Gutierrez worked for the RMN, Bisio has stayed mostly freelance, as far as I know).

My latte is at the sad, just-a-few-lukewarm-sips-left stage, so it's time to slam it back and make tracks. Pt 2, in which I attempt to park cheaply, should be up soon!