Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Got the shot

Saturday morning I had hoped to run a liveblog from the SPJ Shooting Like a Pro workshop, but I really just got distracted by enjoying the workshop, so it didn't happen.

For those who aren't following so far; I attended a photojournalism workshop led by Barry Gutierrez on Saturday. Gutierrez worked at the Denver Post for ten years as a photojournalist. He won a Pulitzer prize in 2003 for his coverage of the fires in 2002. Since the Post closed it's doors last year, he has been working freelance.

The workshop started with Gutierrez explaining his career and what has affected his development as a photojournalist. Really interesting stuff, if you're a photojournalist. The picture to the left is the result of a photojournalistic pop quiz. We were told that we were going to a press conference, and taken outside the Denver Press Club. After we all filed out and assembled ourselves, Noelle Levitt, Metro State gruaduate, started speaking from a podium set on the sidewalk. She didn't get very far, because she got pie'd by Sara Crocker, SPJ member.

I, happily, managed to get the shot, along with four other participants at the workshop.

I had a lot of fun, and encourage everyone to get to SPJ events when they're happening!