Monday, October 28, 2013

Production Update Seven: the media

~~~~~I was a little grumpy when I wrote this, and have redacted some bits. Sorry.~~~~~~~~~~~~

Delta V is a unique game- not just because it's in 3D. The three dimensional part has been done plenty of times before. There's the Star Trek chess, Space Checkers, and Raumschach, just for starters. There are two things that make Delta V really special;

(1) It's a free culture work- anyone can start producing and selling Delta V sets today
(2) Its learning curve is pretty steep- close to that of chess- and it's a good thing

I want Delta V to be played and kept by families as a living room standard. If it takes 100 years, no real surprises there. Who knows how long it took chess to reach its current status? So I've pulled no punches. Legally, Delta V has an intellectual property status very much like that of chess. It's a part of free culture now. Also, I've made sure to keep to the roots of chess and checkers, while introducing plenty of new dynamics to the "competing armies" archetype. There's a weird rule or two- just like en passant or castling- but with some thought, their existence really fills out the game.

~~~~~Redacted. I was still a little grumpy. Sorry.~~~~~~~~~~~~