Saturday, October 26, 2013

Production Update Six: thank you for all the early support!

Here's a huge shout of thank you to all my early supporters! We're already almost halfway to the funding goal! In response, I've removed certain reward tiers, and added a new one. New tier: The meaning of life edition- includes the ingredients of the Star Warrior, plus a printed globe marble and planet defender scenario card. $42! For everyone who noticed the kickstarter's duration. :] I'm working on bonuses for stretch goals, as I'm hoping we can bust the top off this kickstarter. More updates on that soon.

I spent today with the wonderful folks at Modular Robotics ( in Boulder. They loaned me a laser cutter and an engineer for most of the day, which was super helpful. So I'll be sending pictures of new protoypes soon! I have an etched design which I think will greatly lessen the learning curve.

Watch this space! Tell your friends, help make Delta V better for everyone!