Sunday, November 24, 2013

Production Update Fourteen: Final Announcements! Referral and community bonuses!

As we enter the final stretch, I want to thank everyone again for their support. We're already over the goal, and well on the way to meeting stretch goal two. I've started setting up the rulebook for printing, and am doing some more work on the five cubed design this week. As incentive to push us even further (and give me plenty of work for winter break), I present two offers for anyone who can take advantage of them. 

  • Referral Bonus: Convince 1-4 friends to pledge and receive a 1-4 extra fleets; I'll send out a survey as it closes, or they can just message me. Refer five friends, and you'll get an extra MDF board with three fleets. Refer ten, and you'll get an acrylic board with five fleets, refer fifteen, and you'll get a complete copy of "The Traveller" tier free!
  • Community Bonus: Find a game store or any community location willing to receive pledge rewards for two or more people. Then, every backer who receives their reward in that shipment will receive an extra fleet, and for every ten backers in that shipment, the actual shop or address will receive an acrylic board with five fleets. 

As a reminder, the stretch goals:
  • MET! Printed Rulebook: every tier from $10 and up will receive a printed rulebook
  • ($5000) Five Cubed: the larger five cubed board design will be available*
  • ($7500) Fleet Cards: a "tracker" for your units off the board will be added to all tiers, one for every fleet, along with a spare drone marble.**
  • ($10k) Scenario Deck: a set of 20 scenario cards will be added to every pledge of $15 or more
  • ($15k) Materials Upgrade: All MDF boards and supports will be replaced with baltic birch ply
  • ($20k) Resource War Scenario: all pledges of $35 or more will receive a set of "gas giant" and "asteroid" marbles and the Resource War scenario will be added to the Scenario Deck (note that these aren't printed marbles, but just carefully selected).
  • *The MDF five cubed will be available at $45, and the acrylic version at $65. Backers already at that level are more than welcome to replace their two four-cubed boards with a five cubed. 
  • **These fleet cards will be available as an add-on if funding doesn't reach this level.